Baseline language files for Laravel 5

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言葉 |kotoba|(koh-toe-bah) noun word, language : used normally in place of the term "gengo:language" which is used more academically


Kotoba is an extension language pack for Laravel 5.x

Use illuminate3's Lingos for Laravel 4.

I have been trying to refine how the words and phrases have been laid out. I do realize that this package is English centric but with your help I'm sure that we could fix this problem.



  • Based on the Lingos language file pack

Available Languages

  • English


1.) Add to composer.json in the require statement:

"require": {
    "illuminate3/kotoba": "dev-master",

2.) Add to the app.php providers list



real world example:

{{ trans('kotoba::auth.register') }}
{{ Lang::get('kotoba::auth.register') }}

Break down of how it works:

{{ trans('kotoba::filename.line') }}
{{ Lang::get('kotoba::filename.line') }}


{{ Lang::choice('kotoba::file.line', 1|2) }}

kotoba:: // The package name auth. // The language file name register // The phrase or word that you want to call

Result: Register


  1. account :: standard account terminology
  2. auth :: terminology that is more specific towards authorization and authentification
  3. button :: various terminology appearing on buttons
  4. cms :: typical terminology used by CMS's
  5. email :: email template phrases and words
  6. general :: bases phrases and words
  7. group :: group terminology
  8. permission :: permission terminology
  9. role :: role terminology
  10. table :: various terminology appearing on table column headings

Note: Sometimes you have words or phrases that can fall into both the button, table and general categories. I separated these since you might want to have them slightly different, like capitalizations or similar.

Projects used to create Kotoba

illuminate3's Lingos

To the Community

Feel free to fork all you want. What would be nice if you were to add your own language to this package.


  • Add Languages
  • Consider moving towards DB installation or create separate package.
  • Think of sane directory layout in case the files become too many.
  • Find a way to version control Caouec's package
  • Consolidate singular and plurals
  • Look into integrating the base Laravel language files
  • Further refining of how to create an easy to use organization.