Adds a field to quickly generate a CMS popup

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Adds a popup field to the CMS, to quickly build a popup form.

Thanks to sheadawson for his original Linkable module, I was able to mimic his use of entwine to set this up.

Installation (with composer)

composer require iliain/silverstripe-popup




You can implement a PopupField like so:

// necessary config
$customLink = '/PopupForms/form';
$customBodyJS = <<<JS
    // custom js goes here

// method A
PopupField::create('PopupForm', 'I am a popup', $customLink, $customBodyJS);

// method B
PopupField::create('PopupForm', 'I am a popup')

You will need to provide your own URL to load the form HTML from, and JS to set what the popup will do/how it will submit. This will be inserted into the existing popup form code for you. Without it, the popup will open but fail to load any content/submit.

An example of the custom JS:

// On Button Click
this.getDialog().on('click', 'button', function () {
    $(this).addClass('loading ui-state-disabled');

// On Submit
this.getDialog().on('submit', 'form', function () {
    const options = {};
    options.success = function (response) {
        const button = self.getDialog().find('button');
        $(button).removeClass('loading ui-state-disabled');


    return false;

See the docs for a full example


  • Add more customisation functions?
  • Test multiple popups active on the same page