Provides a field that allows for clicking and dragging of shortcodes into a textarea

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Provides a field that allows for clicking and dragging of shortcodes into a textarea. Useful for inserting shortcodes into a textarea without having to type them out.

NOTE: This only allows the insertion of shortcodes, it does not provide any functionality for parsing the shortcodes themselves.

Installation (with composer)

composer require iliain/silverstripe-droppable


  • PHP 7.4+ or 8.0+
  • Silverstripe 4+ or 5+


The following is an example of creating the textarea, assigning buttons to the different rows, and pushing a button to an existing row.

use Iliain\Droppable\Fields\DroppableTextareaField;

$droppable = DroppableTextareaField::create('Example', 'Example', 'This is an example')
    ->setButtonRow(0, [
        '[value,id=25]' => 'Test Value 25',
    ->setButtonRow(1, [
        '[value,id=50]' => 'Test Value 50',
    ->pushButton(1, [
        '[value,id=100]' => 'Test Value 100',

Visual example of the above code

You can also use the method ->setUseDropdown(true) to use a dropdown instead of buttons. This will use the same data as the buttons, but will be displayed in a dropdown instead. This is useful when dealing with large amounts of buttons.

Visual example of using the dropdown

From here, the user can either:

  • Click on a button to insert the shortcode into the start of the textarea, or the current position if the field is currently selected
  • Drag a button into the textarea to insert the shortcode at the cursor position


Has the usual functions available to a TextareaField, plus:

  • setButtonRow(int $row, array $buttons) - Sets the buttons for a particular row. The array of buttons will use the key as the shortcode, and the value as the button text.

  • pushButton(int $row, array $buttons) - Pushes one or more buttons to the end of a particular row. Uses array_merge, duplicate keys will be overwritten.

  • setUseDropdown(bool $useDropdown) - Sets whether to use a dropdown instead of rows of buttons. Defaults to false. The dropdown will use the row order as the order of the dropdown items.

  • setLeftDescription(string $description) - Sets the description to the left of the textarea that appears under the title. Defaults to null.


  • Minify the JS and CSS
  • Allow setting of default dropdown text
  • Add gif examples to readme
  • Add HTMLEditorField support