Limit new user signon to those with email addresses of specified domains or block user signons with email addresses of certain domains.

3.0.0 2019-04-06 16:28 UTC

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Last update: 2020-06-11 20:21:57 UTC


Latest Version: 3.0.0
Released: 2018-08-12
Contact: iionly@gmx.de
License: GNU General Public License version 2
Copyright: (C) iionly 2013, (C) Curverider 2008


The Emaildomains plugin will allow you to limit the registration of accounts on your site to people who have an email address of specified domains. You can define one (or more) email domains you want to permit. You can also define email domains you want to deny access to your site.


  1. If you have a previous version of the Emaildomains plugin installed, first remove the old emaildomains folder from your mod directory before copying/extracting the new version to your server,
  2. Copy the emaildomains folder into the mod folder of your site,
  3. Enable the plugin in the admin section of your site,
  4. Define email domain(s) you want to allow (or deny) access to your site. The settings page is in the "Administer" - "Users" section in the admin area of your site.