Laravel 5 Themes: Asset & Views folder per theme. Theme inheritance. Blade integration and more...

v2.0.20 2024-03-28 04:54 UTC



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This is a Laravel package that adds basic support for managing themes. It allows you to build your views & your assets in seperate folders, and supports for theme extending! Awesome :)


  • Views & Asset separation in theme folders
  • Theme inheritance: Extend any theme and create Theme hierarchies (WordPress style!)
  • Integrates Orchestra/Asset to provide Asset dependencies managment
  • Your App & Views remain theme-agnostic. Include new themes with (almost) no modifications
  • Themes are distributable! Create a single-file theme Package and install it on any Laravel application.
  • Ships with console commands to manage themes


Check the Documentation

If you are upgrading from v1.x please read the migration guide


v2.x requires Laravel 5.4+


This package is fully tested. Check the testing repository