IDRSolutions PHP Client is the PHP API for IDRsolutions' BuildVu or JPedal Microservice Example

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Interact with any IDRsolutions' Microservice Examples using the IDRSolutions PHP Client.

The IDRsolutions Microservice Examples are open source projects that allows you to convert PDFs using various softwares from IDRSolutions as an online service.

JPedal Microservice Example - Convert pages to images

BuildVu Microservice Example - Convert PDFs to HTML or SVG

FormVu Microservice Example - Convert PDF Forms to HTML

IDR Solutions offer a free trial service for running these libraries with PHP. You can find information at the following links for JPedal, BuildVu, and FormVu.


composer require idrsolutions/idrsolutions-php-client



Full usage for connecting to BuildVu can be found here.


Full usage for connecting to JPedal can be found here.


Full usage for connecting to FormVu can be found here.

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