Yii2 bindings for Botman

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Yii2 bindings for Botman.

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The preferred method of installation is via Packagist and Composer. Run the following command to install the package and add it as a requirement to your project's composer.json:

composer require idk/yii2-botman


In order to use Yii2 caching system with Botman, initialize your Botman instance using this:

// create an instance
$botman = BotManFactory::create($botmanConfig, new \idk\yii2\botman\Cache());

Cache storage

By default, yii2-botman will use the default configured Yii::$app->cache component. If you need to use a dedicated cache interface for Botman, you can define it in the botmanCache component like the following:

'components' => [
    // default cache used by your app
    'cache' => [
        'class' => 'yii\caching\DbCache',
    // specific cache for botman
    'botmanCache' => [
        'class' => 'yii\caching\FileCache',
        'cachePath' => '@runtime/botman',