Turn uncachable page objects into cacheable links

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Turn uncachable page objects into cacheable links

Pages that contain uncachable content elements (INT-objects, uncached plugin content) are delivered with a no-cache header to the user. This extension replaces the uncachable content elements and provides urls to fetch the content asynchronous.

The content is replaced either as

  • div-container for JavaScript/Ajax processing
  • SSI block for NGINX or Apache processing
  • ESI block for Varnish processing


Simply install the extension with Composer or the Extension Manager.

composer require ichhabrecht/intcache


  • include the provided static TypoScript of the intcache extension


  • for each element a div-container with classes intcache intcache-item intcache-link is rendered
  • the source url is provided as data-src attribute
  • you need to provide a script that iterates over all div's and fetches the content from provided urls

Server Side Includes

  • enable SSI support in your NGINX configuration
location ~ \.php$ {
    ssi on;
  • change TypoScript to use SSI rendering
lib.intcache.format = ssi

Edge Side Includes

  • enable ESI support in your Varnish configuration
sub vcl_backend_response {
    set beresp.do_esi = true;
  • change TypoScript to use ESI rendering
lib.intcache.format = esi

Additional configuration

intcache handling

To be able to deactivate the intcache handling on certain sites and/or domains, you can explicitly disable it using the TypoScript setup config.intcache = 0.


Simply set the templateRootPath TypoScript constant to provide an additional template path.

lib.intcache.view.templateRootPath = EXT:extension/Resources/Private/Templates/Intcache/

By default the files Intcache.ajax, Intcache.esi or Intcache.ssi are used for rendering (according to your current format setting). You may want to change the lib.intcache.format TypoScript setting to add your own format.


To be able the see the current content without any further processing, the content is rendered if the TYPO3 Development application context is enabled.

Cache timeout

By default all urls send a no-cache header to the user. You can define own cache timeouts by using cache_timeout TypoScript configuration.

Example configuration for COA_INT objects:

page.5 = COA_INT
page.5 {
    cache_timeout = 500 // cache this content 500 seconds
    10 = TEXT
    10.wrap = <p>|</p>
    10.value = Hello world

Example configuration for plugins:

tt_content.list.20.[pluginName].cache_timeout = 300