Web view for local git repository status

2.0.0 2018-03-13 11:47 UTC

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Last update: 2024-07-11 14:08:35 UTC


Web view for local git repository status.


It's recommended that you use Composer to install the git-checker.

$ composer create-project ichhabrecht/git-checker --keep-vcs --no-dev

This will clone and install the git-checker and all required dependencies.


Point your document root to "public" sub folder in the "git-checker" directory (or the one you specified for the installation).

If you need to change some configuration options, please have a look at app/settings.yml.

Update 1.x -> 2.x

Please note that the structure of the settings.yml file has changed from 1.x to 2.x.


You need to change the key virtual-hosts: to virtual-host:.