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ICANS Logging Component

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dev-master 2013-07-18 08:35 UTC

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A PHP Component providing:

  • a Flume-Handler to write to a flume-node
  • a FilterInterface to write filters which can be added to the handler and filter the data
  • a PostProcessorInterface to write a postprocessor which can enrich the logged data
  • a Timer to measure execution times
  • a ProgressInformationInterface with default implementation to have progress messages in a CLI Command

Installation: You can use composer to install the component from packagist: icans/logging-component



setFormatter($formatter); //the processor has to implement the ICANS\Component\IcansLoggingComponent\Api\V1\PostProcessorInterface $processor = new myPostProcessor(); $thriftFlumeProcessingHandler->pushProcessor($processor); $emptyFilter = new ICANS\Component\IcansLoggingComponent\Filter\EmptyFilter(); $thriftFlumeProcessingHandler->addFilter($emptyFilter); $recordData = array('testdata' => 'test'); //will write to the flume node $thriftFlumeProcessingHandler->write($recordData); RabbitMqHandler: