Multilingual inflector that transforms words from singular to plural, underscore to camel case, and more.

v2.0.1 2020-12-08 23:54 UTC


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A multilingual inflector that transforms words from singular to plural, underscore to camel case, and formats strings in various ways. Inflections are localized, the default english inflections for pluralization, singularization, and uncountable words are kept in lib/inflections/en.php.

Inflections are currently available for the following languages:

  • English (en)
  • French (fr)
  • Norwegian Bokmal (nb)
  • Portuguese (pt)
  • Spanish (es)
  • Turkish (tr)


These are some examples of the inflector with the en locale (default).


use ICanBoogie\Inflector;

$inflector = Inflector::get(Inflector::DEFAULT_LOCALE);
# or
$inflector = Inflector::get('en');
# or
$inflector = Inflector::get();

# pluralize

$inflector->pluralize('post');                       // "posts"
$inflector->pluralize('child');                      // "children"
$inflector->pluralize('sheep');                      // "sheep"
$inflector->pluralize('words');                      // "words"
$inflector->pluralize('CamelChild');                 // "CamelChildren"

# singularize

$inflector->singularize('posts');                    // "post"
$inflector->singularize('children');                 // "child"
$inflector->singularize('sheep');                    // "sheep"
$inflector->singularize('word');                     // "word"
$inflector->singularize('CamelChildren');            // "CamelChild"

# camelize

$inflector->camelize('active_model', Inflector::UPCASE_FIRST_LETTER);
# or
// 'ActiveModel'

$inflector->camelize('active_model', Inflector::DOWNCASE_FIRST_LETTER);
// 'activeModel'

// 'ActiveModel\Errors'

$inflector->camelize('active_model/errors', Inflector::DOWNCASE_FIRST_LETTER);
// 'activeModel\Errors'

# underscore

$inflector->underscore('ActiveModel');               // 'active_model'
$inflector->underscore('ActiveModel\Errors');        // 'active_model/errors'
$inflector->underscore('Less Active Phrase');        // 'less_active_phrase'
$inflector->underscore('Number 1 Test');             // 'number_1_test'
$inflector->underscore('Johnny5 Still Alive');       // 'johnny5_still_alive'
$inflector->underscore('Lots   of   Spaces');        // 'lots_of_spaces'

# humanize

$inflector->humanize('employee_salary');             // "Employee salary"
$inflector->humanize('author_id');                   // "Author"

# titleize

$inflector->titleize('man from the boondocks');      // "Man From The Boondocks"
$inflector->titleize('x-men: the last stand');       // "X Men: The Last Stand"
$inflector->titleize('TheManWithoutAPast');          // "The Man Without A Past"
$inflector->titleize('raiders_of_the_lost_ark');     // "Raiders Of The Lost Ark"

# ordinal

$inflector->ordinal(1);                              // "st"
$inflector->ordinal(2);                              // "nd"
$inflector->ordinal(1002);                           // "nd"
$inflector->ordinal(1003);                           // "rd"
$inflector->ordinal(-11);                            // "th"
$inflector->ordinal(-1021);                          // "st"

# ordinalize

$inflector->ordinalize(1);                           // "1st"
$inflector->ordinalize(2);                           // "2nd"
$inflector->ordinalize(1002);                        // "1002nd"
$inflector->ordinalize(1003);                        // "1003rd"
$inflector->ordinalize(-11);                         // "-11th"
$inflector->ordinalize(-1021);                       // "-1021st"

# uncountable

$inflector->is_uncountable("advice");                // true
$inflector->is_uncountable("weather");               // true
$inflector->is_uncountable("cat");                   // false

Helpers makes it easy to use default locale inflections.


namespace ICanBoogie;

echo pluralize('child');                             // "children"
echo pluralize('genou', 'fr');                       // "genoux"
echo singularize('lærere', 'nb');                    // "lærer"
echo pluralize('üçgen', 'tr');                       // "üçgenler"


Most of the code and documentation was adapted from Ruby On Rails's Inflector and David Celis' inflections.

Significant differences:

  • Better support of accentuated characters.
  • The Ruby module separator :: as been replaced by the PHP namespace separator \.
  • The plural of "octopus" is "octopuses" (not "octopi"), the plural of "virus" is "viruses" (not viri) and the pural of "cow" is "cows" (not "kine").
  • The following methods have been removed: tableize, classify, demodulize, constantize, deconstantize and foreign_key. They can be easily implemented in specific inflectors.
  • Added the hyphenate method, which is a combination of underscore and dasherize.
  • One specifies true rather than false to camelize() to downcase the first letter of the camel cased string.

Getting started

Inflector expects to work in UTF-8, which is the default encoding character set starting PHP 5.6, for older versions please use mb_internal_encoding() as follows:


namespace ICanBoogie;

// …


titleize("été_aux_âmes_inouïes"); // Été Aux Âmes Inouïes


The package requires PHP 7.1 or later.


The recommended way to install this package is through Composer:

$ composer require icanboogie/inflector


The package is documented as part of the ICanBoogie framework documentation. The documentation for the package is generated with the make doc command. The documentation is generated in the build/docs directory using ApiGen. The package directory can later by cleaned with the make clean command.


The test suite is run with the make test command. Composer is automatically installed as well as all the dependencies required to run the suite. It is recommended to run make test in the test container created with make test-container.

The package is continuously tested with GitHub Actions.


icanboogie/inflector is licensed under the New BSD License - See the LICENSE file for details.