Binds symfony/dependency-injection to ICanBoogie

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Together with icanboogie/service, this package binds symfony/dependency-injection to ICanBoogie and allows the container to be used to provide services.

Obtaining services

Services can be obtained using a service reference or the container.

The following example demonstrates how services can be obtain using references:


use function ICanBoogie\Service\ref;

$reference = ref('a_callable_service');
$result = $reference(1, 2, 3);

$reference = ref('a_service');
$service = $reference->resolve();

The following example demonstrates how a service can be obtained using the container itself:


/* @var $app \ICanBoogie\Application */
/* @var $container \Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Container */

$container = $app->container;
$service = $container->get('a_service');

Obtaining services bound to the application

Usually, ICanBoogie's components add getters to ICanBoogie\Application instances through the prototype system, which means you can access the initial request using $app->initial_request or the session using $app->session. Services defined this way are automatically accessible through the container as well, which means they can be used as references ref('session') or obtained through the container $app->container->get('session').

Obtaining config parameters

All application config parameters are available as container parameters e.g. $app->container->getParameter('app.repository.cache)`.

Note: To avoid clashes, all application parameters are prefixed with app..

Defining services

Services are defined using services.yml files in config folders. They are collected when it's time to create the container, just like regular configuration files.

The tests included in this package showcase how services.yml files can be defined in all/config and default/config. Components and modules can use this feature to register their own services and make them available to the application automatically.

About the container proxy

The service provider defined during Application::boot is an instance of ContainerProxy, which only builds the service container when a service needs to be resolved.

The following example demonstrates how the service provider and the service container can be obtained:


use ICanBoogie\Service\ServiceProvider;

/* @var $proxy \ICanBoogie\Binding\SymfonyDependencyInjection\ContainerFactory */

$proxy = ServiceProvider::defined();
$container = $proxy->container;

Configuring the container

The container is configured using container configuration fragments:


// config/container.php

use ICanBoogie\Binding\SymfonyDependencyInjection\ConfigBuilder;
use ICanBoogie\Binding\SymfonyDependencyInjection\Extension\ApplicationExtension;

return fn(ConfigBuilder $config) => $config

Continuous Integration

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Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.


Run make test-container to create and log into the test container, then run make test to run the test suite. Alternatively, run make test-coverage to run the test suite with test coverage. Open build/coverage/index.html to see the breakdown of the code coverage.


icanboogie/bind-symfony-dependency-injection is released under the BSD-3-Clause.