Abstraction layer, on top of Doctrine, for cross-DBMS schema import

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This Symfony Bundle provides basic abstraction layer for cross-DBMS schema import.

It introduces custom Yaml format for schema definition and provides autowired APIs.

Schema Builder

Provided by APIs defined on the \Ibexa\Contracts\DoctrineSchema\SchemaImporterInterface interface, imports given Yaml source string or Yaml file into \Doctrine\DBAL\Schema object.

Schema Exporter

Provided by APIs defined on the \Ibexa\Contracts\DoctrineSchema\SchemaExporterInterface interface, exports given \Doctrine\DBAL\Schema object to the custom Yaml format.


Provided by APIs defined on the \Ibexa\Contracts\DoctrineSchema\Builder\SchemaBuilderInterface interface, is an extensibility point to be used by Symfony-based projects.

The SchemaBuilder is event-driven. To hook into the process of building schema, a custom EventSubscriber is required, e.g.

use Ibexa\Contracts\DoctrineSchema\Event\SchemaBuilderEvent;
use Ibexa\Contracts\DoctrineSchema\SchemaBuilderEvents;
use Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\EventSubscriberInterface;

class BuildSchemaSubscriber implements EventSubscriberInterface
    private string $schemaFilePath;

    public function __construct(string $schemaFilePath)
        $this->schemaFilePath = $schemaFilePath;

     * @return string[]
    public static function getSubscribedEvents(): array
        return [
            SchemaBuilderEvents::BUILD_SCHEMA => ['onBuildSchema', 200],

    public function onBuildSchema(SchemaBuilderEvent $event): void

Schema provided in this way can be imported into Schema object by e.g.:

    public function __construct(SchemaBuilder $schemaBuilder)
        $this->schemaBuilder = $schemaBuilder;

    public function importSchema(): void
        $schema = $this->schemaBuilder->buildSchema();
        // ...


Copyright (C) 1999-2024 Ibexa AS (formerly eZ Systems AS). All rights reserved.


This source code is available separately under the following licenses:

A - Ibexa Business Use License Agreement (Ibexa BUL), version 2.4 or later versions (as license terms may be updated from time to time) Ibexa BUL is granted by having a valid Ibexa DXP (formerly eZ Platform Enterprise) subscription, as described at: https://www.ibexa.co/product For the full Ibexa BUL license text, please see: https://www.ibexa.co/software-information/licenses-and-agreements (latest version applies)


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