Login to your Flarum forum using LINE

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A Flarum extension. Login to your Flarum forum using LINE

This extension adds LINE as an OAuth provider to FoF OAuth. You must therefore first enable the OAuth extension before enabling this extension.


In order to enable Login with LINE, you must first register on the Line developer console.

Once registered, create a new channel of the type LINE login, and select web app. Once you've created the channel, make a note of the Channel ID and Channel secret, then navigate to the LINE login tab. Here enter the callback URL for your forum - this will be displayed within the OAuth extension settings in your admin panel and look something like https://forum.example.com/auth/line.

If you wish to retrieve the registered email address from LINE, you must also complete the OpenID Connect Email Permission within the channel setup.

Enter the Channel ID and Channel secret in the admin panel for your forum (This can be found at {YOUR FORUM URL)/admin#/extension/fof-oauth


Install with composer:

composer require ianm/oauth-line:"*"


composer update ianm/oauth-line
php flarum migrate
php flarum cache:clear