A Silverstripe image gallery allowing multi image upload and automatic generation of thumbnail gallery with popups

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Adds image galleries to your SilverStripe website.


This module was created by i-lateral.


The prefered method is via composer:

composer require i-lateral/silverstripe-gallery

Alternativley download and add to:


Then run a dev/build (eithe from the browser of the command line).


Once installed, you can add either a Gallery Hub or a Gallery Page to your site.

Gallery Hub

Hub pages generate a thumbnail for each child GalleryPage with a link to view that gallery.

The thumbnail is generated based on the first image in the list

Gallery Page

A gallery page allows you to upload images and then generates them as a thumbnail gallery. Clicking on the thumbnail opens a modal/lightbox.

You can add a gallery to your site by creating a GalleryPage from within the CMS.

Under the Gallery tab, you can then upload as many images as needed.

Changing the width and height of images

If you wish to change the width and height of the gallery images (or thumbnails) loaded, you can do this under the Settings tab on your GalleryPage.

You can set the following options:

  • Image Width (default: 950): Width in PX of images loaded in the modal
  • Image Height (default: 500): Height in PX of images loaded in the modal
  • Image Resize Type (default: ratio): Type of resize to use on images
  • Background (default: ffffff): If we use a padded image, set the background colour
  • Thumbnail Width (default: 150): Width in PX of thumbnail images
  • Thumbnail Height (default: 150): Height in PX of thumbnail images
  • Thumbnail Resize Type (default: pad): Type of resize to use on thumbnails

Resize options are as follows:

  • crop: Crop image to exact size
  • pad: Pad image to size and add whitespace
  • ratio: Perform a ratio resize of images

Forcing the widths and heights

If you want all galleries to be restriced to set sizes, you can set some config variables. Setting these configs will remove the relevent fields from the CMS.

  force_thumbnail_width: 350
  force_thumbnail_height: 350
  force_thumbnail_resize_type: crop
  force_image_width: 1200
  force_image_height: 600
  force_image_resize_type: ratio