Simple module to add base64 string data methods to SilverStripe files and images

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1.0.0 2022-01-13 12:34 UTC

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Last update: 2023-03-14 13:15:34 UTC


Simple SilverStripe module to generate a Base64 encoded string of File or Image data that can be used in image tags, etc.


Install via composer:

composer require i-lateral/silverstripe-file-base64


This module automatically adds two methods to files and images that allow accessing the data string:

NOTE: Currently the following methods will only return a data string of the base image NOT a modified image (for example using Image methods like Fill or Fit)


Returns the base 64 encoded string of the file/image data. For example, in a template you can call:



Returns a Data URL that can be used in image tags, links etc. To use it in templates you can call:

<img src="$Image.Base64DataURL">