Deferres loading of template images

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Silverstripe Defered Images Module

Scrutinizer Code Quality

Module that loads images as a very low res version first, then uses JavaScript to load the full version

Now implements heyday/silverstripe-responsive-images without any extra configuration. Simply configure the responsive images module as you normally would and call them in the template.


install via composer

composer require i-lateral/silverstripe-deferedimages


By default this is added to the PageController if it's available. This can be added to extra controller via config.yml:

    - ilateral\SilverStripe\DeferedImages\ControllerExtension


This module has a small theme addon that needs to be added you your theme stack in config.yml to load it's template.

    - 'custom' //your_theme
    - 'deferedimages'
    - '$default'

Alternatively, you can copy the template into your own theme.


By default all images called in the templates using the standard $Image.Type() call will be defered.

The temporary image can be customised in size, quality and appearance via config:

    pixelate: 15 // Applies a pixelation effect to the current image with a given size of pixels.
    blur: 50 // Apply a gaussian blur filter with a optional amount on the current image. Use values between 0 and 100.
    quality: 10  // Define the quality of the encoded image. Data ranging from 0 to 100.
    scale: 100 // Will resize the image to a percentage amount. 100 = current size, 50 = half size, etc.
    limit: 1000 // sets a maximum width for the defered image - will force scaling if original image is larger than this.

To enable deferring of images added in a HTMLEditorField you will need to enable the included shortcode parser via _config.php:


use SilverStripe\View\Parsers\ShortcodeParser;
use ilateral\SilverStripe\DeferedImages\DeferedImageShortcodeProvider;

    ->register('image', [DeferedImageShortcodeProvider::class, 'handle_shortcode']);