A Silverstripe module that adds discount prices to products when greater quantities are ordered

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Last update: 2024-02-13 19:57:47 UTC


Extension to silverstripe commerce module that allows you to alter a product's price when added to the cart, if a certain number of that product are added.


This module is created and maintained by ilateral

Contact: morven@i-lateral.com


  • SilverStripe Framework 3.1.x
  • Silverstripe Commerce


Install this module either by downloading and adding to:


Then run: dev/build/?flush=all

Or alternativly add to your project's composer.json


Once installed, you can navigate to a product in the admin and add bulk pricing under the "Bulk Prices" tab.

Each bulk price has 2 fields:

  • Quantity: The quantitiy of items needing to be purchased to qualify for the new price. This can be either a range (eg: 10-19), a fixed number (eg: 10) or an amount over a certain number (eg: 30+).
  • Price: The price that this bulk item will be charged at.

Once you have added this information and saved, it will be automatically used by the shopping cart when the relevent item is added with the specified quantity.

Adding a bulk price table to your product template

This module adds a variable to your catalogue controller that generates a table of bulk prices. This variable is:


Adding this variable to your product template will generate a table of pricing options.

Note If you want to customise this table, you can overwrite the BulkPriceTable.ss template file.