Simple Silverstripe module that shows child pages as either a list or grid

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2.0.4 2023-01-06 17:09 UTC

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Silverstripe Child Hub Page

Simple page type to allow displaying child pages of this page as a "Hub Page", that can be viewied as either a "list" or "grid".#

This allows for a simple, more visual way of creating more complex site trees, without adding lots more complexity to the CMS.


This module was created by ilateral.


You can install this module either manually or via composer.

Via composer

The default way to do this is to use composer, via:

composer require i-lateral/silverstripe-childhubpage

From source / manually

You can download this module either direct from the Silverstripe addons directory or Github.

If you do, then follow this process:


Once installed, you can add a "Child Hub Page" page in the CMS, then add child pages below it.

Changing display modes

You can view child pages of a ChildHubPage in two states:

  • List
  • Grid

By default, child pages are shown as a Grid, but if you want to change this to display as a list then navigate to your ChildHubPage in the admin and click settings, finally select List from the dropdown.

Adding a sidebar

You can add a sidebar to your hubpages (which can be useful if you are nesting multiple levels of hub pages).

To do this, navigate navigate to your ChildHubPage in the admin and click settings. Finally, click Show Sidebar.