Simple library for finding hashtags in string

1.2 2016-08-11 12:30 UTC

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Last update: 2024-07-20 23:54:05 UTC


This is a simple class that is designed to extract hashtags from within a string.


The prefered way to run this is via composer:

# composer require i-lateral/hashtagger


First you must instantiate the HashTagger class:

use HashTagger\HashTagger

$string = "String with #hashtags";
$tagger = new HashTagger($string);

HashTagger will run an initial parsing of the provided string and cache the extracted tags, these can be accessed via:


NOTE That each tag will be preceeded with the # symbol, EG:



array(1) {
  [0] =>
  string(8) "#hashtag"

You can add or remove tags from the final list via the add_tag and remove_tag methods:




array(1) {
  [0] =>
  string(8) "#newtag"

Wrapping/Converting tags into XML/HTML

You can convert tags in the string into HTML elements using the "wrap_tags" method.

Wrappping all tags in a strong element:

    $new_string = $tagger->wrap_tags("strong");

You can also add custom attributes to these elements, EG wrapping all tags in a strong element with the class "hashtag":

    $new_string = $tagger->wrap_tags(
        array("class" => "hashtag")

Finally, you can customise the attributes value to use the tag name (for example to build custom links) by adding the string {tag} to your attribute value, EG:

    $new_string = $tagger->wrap_tags(
        array("href" => "http://site.com/tag/{tag}")

The above will wrap the tag in an anchor element with a custom href specifically for that tag.

Future Development

This lib covers all the basic functionality, but it would be nice to tweak the wrapping method so that it ignores tags that have already been wrapped in an element.