PHP 5.3 Graphic Library For Super Fast Image Manipulation And Drawing Using The Gd Library.

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Jaguar Tutorial

PHP 5.3 Graphic Library For Super Fast Image Manipulation And Drawing Using The Gd Library


The Jaguar library has the following requirements:

  • PHP 5.3+
  • Gd2 Bundled Version (2.0.28 or later) with freetype support


  • Supports for famous formats (JPEG,PNG,GIF,GD2) and new formats can be added easily see example
  • Full Drawing API for drawing all kind of shapes from pixels to polygons
    • Brushes(Styles) supports for drawing complex and creative shapes (Brush,DashlineStyle,FillStyle,ThicklineStyle,...)
    • Advanced Texts drawers (Shadow,Outlined,...)
    • Advanced Borders drawers (in,out,fit,...)
  • Gradients Generator (Radial,Linear,Rectangle,Diamnond,...)
  • Actions (filters) framework with about 100 non pixel based actions which are superfast (no for loop) including advanced filters like:
    • Posterize
    • BlackAndWhite
    • Overlay
    • More than (30) Edge Detection filter including (Soble,Prewitt,Emboss,Gradient,laplacian,...)
    • PartialBlur
    • Antique
    • Multiply
    • Bevel
    • Screen
    • Wavy
    • ....... (And list goes on) ....


Installation via composer

   "require-dev": {
        "hyyan/jaguar": "1.*"

Sample Usage

use Jaguar\Canvas,

$transformation = new Transformation(new Canvas('/path/to/image'));
$transformation->resize(new Dimension(300,300))
               ->apply(new Posterize(40))
               ->watermark(new Canvas('/path/to/watermark'))
               ->show(); // send the result to the browser



Jaguar is open-sourced package licensed under the MIT License.


Your contributions are more than welcome !

Start by forking Jaguar repository, write your feature, fix bugs, and send a pull request. If you modify Jaguar API, please update the API documentation in the Jaguar Docs repository