User highlight text or elements for Codeception.

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This module can be used to display the current representation of css element, text or xpath on a website with an expected. It was written on the shoulders of codeception and integrates in a very easy way.

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The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

Either run

composer require hyperia/highlight-ception:"^1.1"

or add

"hyperia/highlight-ception": "^1.1"

to the require section of your composer.json.

Configuration (usage)

enable HighlightCeption module in acceptance.suite.yml config file:

        - WebDriver:
            url: http://hyperia.sk
            browser: chrome
        - HighlightCeption:
            module: WebDriver
            timeWait: 2
            cssClassName: 'hyperia-hc'
                background-color: yellow
                color: black

Parameter description

  • module - module responsible for browser interaction, default: WebDriver.
  • timeWait - wait seconds between see, seeLink, seeElements, seeInField, click, clickWithLeftButton and clickWithRightButton functions
  • cssClassName - css class name to use for css style we inject in page
  • cssStyle - your custom css style for highlight element or text on a site


HighlightCeption needs the following components to run:

  • Codeception HighlightCeption is a module for Codeception. It will need a running version of this tool.
  • WebDriver module This tool only works with the webdriver module in Codeception at the moment.


./vendor/bin/codecept run -- -c test/integration