Collection of general purpose data types, corresponding collections, validators, utilities and some control statements represented by objects to allow more strict type checking

v1.0.143 2024-06-16 19:10 UTC


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A growing set of general purpose data types and corresponding collections. This project is not intended as a "one size fits all" standards based library. It is mostly meant to be an ever-growing collection of datatypes and methods for casting and converting to promote interoperability between the systems that I create.

All types are enforced to at least implement __toString so while implementing data-types exisiting code usually keeps working.

OOP style conditions and loops

As an experiment I have added an oop style interface for conditions and loops. My usecase for this is a graphical / low code style system that uses a lot of generated code that i want as strongly typed as possible so "context aware" features can be implemented.


Many of the data-types come with a Collection version of the type, for instance a Path and a PathCollection, the Collections are implementing an Iterator and allow strongly typed loops.