HashiCorp Vault integration plugin for WordPress

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HashiCorp Vault integration for WordPress
Access Vault secrets, utilising WordPress APIs for maximum scalability.
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HashiCorp Vault integration for WordPress is a library which provides access to Vault secrets in a scaleable manner.

It wraps the CSharpRU/vault-php library, and uses WordPress' transients API to provide familiar and necessary caching for WordPress developers. The library offers automatic re-fetching of secrets prior to lease expiry.

Current limitations:

  • Only token-based authentication is supported.
  • Tokens with a renewable lease are not renewed using Vault's API. Instead, this library will refetch the token prior to expiry.


This library is distributed as a WordPress plugin. Install with Composer, and activate the plugin in the usual way.


In wp-config.php, define your Vault token:

define( 'HM_HASHICORP_VAULT_AUTH_TOKEN', 'your-token-123' );

define( 'HM_HASHICORP_VAULT_URL', '' );

Load the plugin in WordPress by requiring hashicorp-vault/plugin.php.


This project is made availabile with the MIT license.


Created by Human Made for enterprise-scale digital experiences. Written by Paul Gibbs. Thanks to all contributors.