Detect labels, faces, celebrities, and text in images automatically for easy searching and alt text generation.

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AWS Rekognition
A lightweight plugin to add keywords to WordPress image uploads via automatic feature detection. Requires S3 Uploads.
A Human Made project. Maintained by @joehoyle. 68747470733a2f2f686d6e2e6d642f636f6e74656e742f7468656d65732f686d6e6d642f6173736574732f696d616765732f686d2d6c6f676f2e737667

AWS Rekognition can auto detect image features, providing automatic labeling of uploaded image files. This is then used to enhance the WordPress media library search.




By default the plugin assumes you have created an AWS access key that has permission to access the Rekognition service.

The default region is us-east-1.

Configure the client by defining the following constants:

define( 'AWS_REKOGNITION_REGION', 'eu-west-1' );
define( 'AWS_REKOGNITION_KEY', '*************' );
define( 'AWS_REKOGNITION_SECRET', '*************' );

If using the plugin on AWS servers and have an instance profile with permissions to use Rekognition set up you can omit defining the key and secret constants.


Label detection

Moderation label detection

Face detection

Celebrity recognition

Text detection