A PHP function to work with private properties and methods

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This package offers an invade function that will allow you to read/write private properties of an object. It will also allow you to call private methods.


You can install the package via composer:

composer require huangdijia/invade


Imagine you have this class defined which has a private property and method.

use function Huangdijia\Invade\invade;

class MyClass
    private string $privateProperty = 'private value';

    private function privateMethod(): string
        return 'private return value';

$myClass = new MyClass();

This is how you can get the value of the private property using the invade function.

use function Huangdijia\Invade\invade;

invade($myClass)->privateProperty; // returns 'private value'

The invade function also allows you to change private values.

use function Huangdijia\Invade\invade;

invade($myClass)->privateProperty = 'changed value';
invade($myClass)->privateProperty; // returns 'changed value

Using invade you can also call private functions.

use function Huangdijia\Invade\invade;

invade($myClass)->privateMethod(); // returns 'private return value'


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composer analyze


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.