PSR HTTP Message implementations

v1.0-alpha4 2015-08-17 10:32 UTC

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Diactoros (pronunciation: /dɪʌktɒrɒs/): an epithet for Hermes, meaning literally, "the messenger."

This package supercedes and replaces phly/http.

zend-diactoros is a PHP package containing implementations of the accepted PSR-7 HTTP message interfaces, as well as a "server" implementation similar to node's http.Server.


Documentation is in the doc tree, and can be compiled using bookdown:

$ bookdown doc/bookdown.json
$ php -S -t doc/html/ # then browse to http://localhost:8080/


You can install bookdown globally using composer global require bookdown/bookdown. If you do this, make sure that $HOME/.composer/vendor/bin is on your $PATH.