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Html5 Template - Template Rendering

angularjs-like inline-templates for PHP7.

Planned as replacement for PHPTAL - which is quite fine but not enough extensible for cluster / platform usage.

Gismo Template does not precompile any code. It generates the pages on the fly.


  • Works with HTML5 and XHTML (XHTML preferred)
  • IDE supported template-development
  • Generate HTML, plain-Text or struct-data from one file
  • Supports macros
  • Import other templates from virtual storage (cloud-ready)
  • Verbose and useful error-messages with lineNo and xpath
  • Secure and powerful expression engine (Symfony Component also used by Twig)



<div go-if="showHeader==true">Welcome {{ }}</div>
<div go-foreach="products as curProduct">
    <span go-bind=""></span>


$template = new HtmlTemplate();
echo $template->render("template.xhtml", ["showHeader" => true, "producs"=> [ new Product("prod1"), new Product("Product2)" ]]);

Install using Composer

composer require html5/template


  • go-if: Condition
  • go-foreach: Loop
  • go-repeat: Loop
  • go-continue: Loop start-over
  • go-break: Quit loop
  • go-bind: Inject string data
  • go-html: Inject html data


<div go-if="name == 'Matthias'">
    Hello {{ name }}

Foreach Loops

<div go-foreach="products as product">
    Product Title: {{product.title}} 
<div go-foreach="data as curKey => curVal">
    Key: {{curKey}} Value: {{curVal}}

Repeat Loops

<div go-repeat="100 indexBy myIndex">
    Line {{ myIndex }}: Hello

break / continue a loop

You can use conditions to break or continue a loop

<div go-loop="100 indexBy index">
    <go-break go-if="! count(productList) < index"/>

or use continue to skip elements:

<div go-foreach="products as product">
    <go-continue go-if="product.isHidden == true"/>

Bind escaped Value

<span go-bind="">Name to show if is null</span>

The data will be escaped by htmlspecialchars()

Bind Html-Code

<div go-html="page.htmlCode">Show <b>this</b> if page.htmlCode is null</div>

Add CSS Classes dynamicly

<div go-class="{cssClassName: name=='Matthes', otherClassName: highlight==true}">..</div>

Show/Hide Elements

<div go-show="showIt==true"></div>
<div go-hide="hideIt==true"></div>

if hidden it adds the css-class ng-hide (also used by angularjs)


  • go-text: Inject Text
  • go-define: Define Variables in Scope
  • go-dump: Dump a variable or scope
  • go-macro: Define a macro
  • go-callmacro: Call a macro
  • go-struct: Return array data sections defined by go-section
  • go-section: Define or overwrite struct data



Macros can be used to create Output on multiple positions. To define a macro use the go-macro-Element:

<go-macro name="printDemoTable(headers, data)">
                <td go-foreach="headers as curHeader">{{ curHeader }}</td>

To generate your Table use go-callmacro - Element:

    <go-callmacro name="printDemoTable(shoppingCart.headers, shoppingCart.items)"/>


Small Example from above:

Parsing + Rendering: <0.01s

Big demo with ~2000 Lines of template-code

Template-Parsing: <10ms
Rendering: <15ms

Installing V8JS on Ubuntu 16.04

Since there is no apt package for v8js you have to do it manually:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pinepain/libv8-5.2
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libv8-dev  g++ cpp php-pear php7.0-dev
sudo pecl install v8js

sudo bash
echo "" > /etc/php/7.0/apache2/conf.d/20-v8js.ini
echo "">/etc/php/7.0/cli/conf.d/20-v8js.ini

service apache2 restart


Written 2016 by Matthias Leuffen