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FHtml Fluent HTML writing

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FHtml - Fluent HTML

Fluent HTML Generator for PHP7 - Version 0.2 - 2016-08-23 - Written by Matthias Leuffen

Generating correct and secure HTML Code within your PHP-Code causes headache. Using FHtml's fluent speaking Api will save you lots of money you'd otherwise spent on aspirin.

It comes with an @-attribute-parser for easy and painless writing; you don't need any quotes (' or ") within your quoted strings.

Example? See the Kickstart:

Kickstart - See FHtml in action:

echo fhtml("input @type=text @name=firstName @value=?", $_POST["firstName"]);

yes - no double quotes needed to generate valid and proper escaped xhtml:

<!-- Output: -->
<input type="text" name="firstName" value="Some Value"/>

Use the fluent-API to generate structures:

echo fhtml("div @class=style1 @style=display:block;width:100%")
        ->h1()->text("Hi there!")->end()
            ->input("@type=text @value=?", $someUnescapedValue);

yeah: Your PHP-code is shorter than the raw html! And proper indention is done as well:

<!-- Output: -->
<div class="style1" style="display:block;width:100%">
    <h1>Hi There!</h1>
        <input type="text" value="<html encoded content of $someUnescapedValue>"/>

Have you ever written a <select>-box with preselected value? This is the FHtml-way:

echo fhtml("select @name=select1")->options($optionsArr, $_POST["select1"]);

Using an IDE (PhpStorm)? FHtml comes with full code-completion on all layers. Stop typing - just hit CTRL-SPACE and ENTER.


  • Generates proper escaped XHTML-compliant HTML5 code
  • Quick writing without quoted quotes
  • Full IDE support (tested on Jetbrains PhpStorm)
  • Makes use of PHP7 return / parameter declaration
  • Autodetecing multiple APIs compatible to I18n Plugins
  • Unit-Tested and CI by TravisCI


FHtml is available as composer-package at

composer require html5\fhtml

or just add it to your composer.json:

    require: {
        "html5/fhtml": "0.2"

Hint: Use composer upgrade --prefer-dist to omit unit-tests and development files

Error Reports

Please report errors, wishes and feedback:



FHtml parses a single string input on elem() Method (or any direct tag-method like div() or span()) and parses it.

To inject insecure or not properly escaped values from outside, use the ?-Placeholder construct:


$t->input("@type=text @value=$userInput"); // <- Don't do that!

use the auto-escaping array construct with ? as placeholder and add the raw values as additional parameter(s):

$t->input("@value=?", $userInput); // <-- Right way: Will escape the value

Inserting a text-node

To insert plain text to an element use the text($text) - method. The text in Parameter 1 will be html-escaped.

echo fhtml("span")->text("Some text here!");

Will generate:

<span>Some text here!</span>

End an element

You can use the end() Method to jump back to the parent element.

Jump Marks

You can use the as(<jumpMark>) Method to define a element you can jump to from anywhere by using goto(<jumpMark>):


The example will append the <p> element to the <body> element.

Generating <select> Options from arrays

Use the options(array $options, string $preselect) - method to create select-options with preselected Value on the fly:

Imagine you have some mapping of key-values array for your select-field:

$options = [
    "foo" => "Foo Apples",
    "bar" => "Bar Bananas",
    "baz" => "Batzen for Cats"

Just set them as first parameter of options() and the submitted Value from Post into the second parameter:

echo fhtml("select @name=sel1")->options($options, $_POST["sel1"]);

will generate:

<select name="sel1">
    <option value="foo">Foo Apples</option>
    <option value="bar" selected="selected">Bar Bananas</option>
    <option value="baz">Batzen for Cats</option>

API Alternatives

These Samples are doing exact the same. Choose the api you like most:

echo fhtml("input @type=text @name=name1 @value=?", $_POST["name1"]);
echo fhtml()->input("@type=text @name=name1 @value=?, $_POST["name1"]);
echo fhtml()->input(["@type=text @name=name1 @value=?, $_POST["name1"]]);

echo fhtml()->elem("input @type=text @name=name1 @value=?, $_POST["name1"]);
echo fhtml()->elem(["input @type=text @name=name1 @value=?, $_POST["name1"]]);

I prefer using the shortest:

echo fthml()->input("@type=text @name=name1 @value=?", $_POST["name1"]);

Related Projects

If you like FHtml you might be interested in some of my other projects:

  • html5/template: An angular-js / phptal implementation of inline-template components
  • html5/htmlreader: A fast and stupid HTML5 tokenizer not using libxml. (Stupid === Good; if you've ever tried to parse HTML without having libxml manipulating your elements)


Written 2016 by Matthias Leuffen