An api client for hrflow

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Hrflow API PHP

🐘 Hrflow API PHP Wrapper

Installation with composer

composer require hrflow/hrflow-php-api


To authenticate against the api, get your API SECRET KEY from your hrflow dashboard: findApiSecret

Then create a new Hrflow object with this key:

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

// Authentication to api
$client = new Client('yourShinyKey');

// Now, you can use the api, Congrats !

API Overview

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

// Authentication to api
$client = new Client('yourShinyKey');

$profile = $client->profile->parsing->get("a62ae2d5560fca7b34bb6c0c389a378f99bcdd52",new ProfileId("597b16789ba389cbc67a638d808b8f40220ba988"));
$name = $profile['name']['text'];
$profile_id = $profile['profile_id'];

echo "Profile '$profile_id' is named '$name', a beautiful name actually";


If an error occurs while an operation an exception of type HrflowApiException is raised.

Profile the ID or the reference

Methods that needs an profile id or reference takes a ProfileID or a ProfileReference, they are interchangeable.

$profile_id = new ProfileID('102b6aa635fnf8ar70e7888ee63c0jde0c753dtg');
$profile_reference = new ProfileReference('reference01');
$source_id = '34566aa635fnrtar70e7568ee6345jde0c75ert4';
// This:
$client->profile->parsing->get($profile_id, $source_id);
// Works as much as:
$client->profile->parsing->get($profile_reference, $source_id);

Job the ID or the reference

It's works the same way as profile.

Methods & Resources

*_id and *_reference are marked as *_ident for simplicity.


  • Get all job for given team account :
    $jobs = $client->job->searching->get();
    • Get job's information associated with job id :
    $job = $client->job->parsing->get(new JobID("399329b780feda71db57957d24ec9ee87d3b55a9"));


  • Retrieve the profiles information associated with some source ids :

    $profiles = $client->profile->searching->get(array $source_ids, $name=null, $email=null, $location_geopoint=[], $location_distance=null, $summary_keywords=[], $text_keywords=[],
                        $experience_keywords=[], $experience_location_geopoint=[], $experience_location_distance=null, $experiences_duration_min=null, $experiences_duration_max=null,
                        $education_keywords=[], $education_location_geopoint=[], $education_location_distance=null, $educations_duration_min=null, $educations_duration_max=null,
                        $skills_dict=[], $languages_dict=[], $interests_dict=null, $labels_dict=null,
                        $date_start="1494539999", $date_end=null, $page=1, $limit=30, $sort_by='date_reception', $order_by='asc');
  • Retrieve list of profile'score for given job :

    $client->profile->scoring->get(array $source_ids, $job_id=null, $stage=null, $use_agent=null, $name=null, $email=null, $location_geopoint=[], $location_distance=null, $summary_keywords=[], $text_keywords=[],
                        $experience_keywords=[], $experience_location_geopoint=[], $experience_location_distance=null, $experiences_duration_min=null, $experiences_duration_max=null,
                        $education_keywords=[], $education_location_geopoint=[], $education_location_distance=null, $educations_duration_min=null, $educations_duration_max=null,
                        $skills_dict=[], $languages_dict=[], $interests_dict=null, $labels_dict=null,
                        $date_start="1494539999", $date_end=null, $page=1, $limit=30, $sort_by='date_reception', $order_by='asc');
  • Add a resume to a sourced id :

    $client->profile->add_file(string $source_id, $profile_file, $profile_content_type=null, $profile_reference=null, $timestamp_reception=null, $profile_labels=[], $profile_tags=[], $profile_metadatas=[], $sync_parsing=0);

$profile_file is a binary: $profile_file = fopen("/path/2/file", "rb");

  • Add a json to a sourced id :
    $client->profile->add_json($source_id, $profile_data, $profile_reference, $timestamp_reception, $profile_labels=[], $profile_tags=[], $profile_metadatas=[]);

$profile_data is an array like this:

$profile_data = {
"name"    => "Harry Potter",
"email"   => "",
"address" => "1 rue streeling",
"info"    => {
    "name"     => "Harry Potter",
    "email"    => "",
    "phone"    => "0202",
    "location" => "somewhere",
    "urls"     => {
        "from_resume" => [],
        "linkedin"    => "",
        "twitter"     => "",
        "facebook"    => "",
        "github"      => "",
        "picture"     => ""},
    "location"        => {"text" => ""}},
"summary"     => "test summary",
"experiences" => [{
    "start"       => "15/02/1900",
    "end"         => "",
    "title"       => "Lead",
    "company"     => "Mathematic Departement",
    "location"    => {"text" => "Paris"},
    "description" => "Developping."
"educations" => [{
    "start"       => "12540",
    "end"         => "12550",
    "title"       => "Mathematicien",
    "school"      => "University",
    "description" => "Description",
    "location"    => {"text" => "Scotland"}
"skills"      => ["manual skill", "Creative spirit", "Writing skills", "Communication"],
"languages"   => ["english"],
"interests"   => ["football"],
"tags"        => [],
"metadatas"   => [],
"labels"      => ["stage":"yes","job_id":"job_id"]
} ;
  • Add all resume from a directory to a sourced id, use $recurs to enable recursive mode :
    add_folder(string $source_id, string $dir_path, bool $recurs=false, $timestamp_reception=null, $sync_parsing=0)

It returns an array like: result[filename] = server_reponse. Can throw HrflowApiProfileUploadException

  • Get the profile information associated with both profile id and source id :
    $client->profile->parsing->get($source_id, $profile_ident);
  • Retrieve the profile documents associated with both profile id and source id :
    $client->profile->attachment->list($source_id, $profile_ident);
  • Retrieve the profile tags associated with both profile id and source id :
    $client->profile->tag->list($source_id, $profile_ident);
  • Retrieve the profile metadata associated with both profile id and source id :
    $client->profile->metadata->list($source_id, $profile_ident);
  • Retrieve the profile parsing data associated with both profile id and source id :
    $client->profile->parsing->get($profile_ident, $source_ident);
  • Reveal the profile interpretability data associated with both profile id and source id related with the filter :
    $client->profile->revealing->get($profile_ident, $job_ident, $source_id);


  • Get all sources for given team account:
    $client->source->list('python', 1, 1);
  • Get the source information associated with source id:


This package supplies webhooks support as well.

  • Check for webhooks integration:

  • Set an handler for an event (listed with HrflowEvents constants)

    $client->webhooks->setHandler($eventName, $callback);
  • Check if the event has an handler

  • Remove handler for an event

  • Handle the incoming webhooks request, you need to put as argument HTTP_RIMINDER_SIGNATURE as an argument.

  • Example on how to handle webhooks

    $client = new Client('api_key', 'webhook_key');
    // Set an handler for webhooks event.
    // Event name argument is actually not mandatory
    $callback = function($webhook_data, $event_name) {
      // HrflowEvents contants can be use as well as string for event name
      // for example here HrflowEvents::PROFILE_PARSE_SUCCESS can be replaced
      // by 'profile.parse.success'
    $client->webhooks->setHandler(HrflowEvents::PROFILE_PARSE_SUCCESS, $callback);
    // Get the header of the request sent by the webhook.
    $encoded_header = [HTTP-RIMINDER-SIGNATURE => 'some encoded datas'];
      // Handle the webhook


  • HrflowFields Contains to fill profile's args array for /profiles constants.
  • HrflowSortBy Contains sorting options constants.
  • HrflowOrderBy Contains order options constants.
  • HrflowEvents Constains event name for webhooks


  • HrflowApiException parent of all thrown exception. Thrown when an error occurs.
  • HrflowApiResponseException thrown when response http code is not a valid one.
    • getHttpCode() to get the http code of the response.
    • getHttpMessage() to get the reason of response error.
  • HrflowApiArgumentException thrown when an invalid argument is pass to a method
  • HrflowApiProfileUploadException thrown when an error occurs during file upload.
    • getFailedFiles() to get not sended files list.
    • getFailedFilesWithTheirExp() to get not sended files with their exception (like: exception_occured_during_tranfert = failed_file_list[filename])
    • getSuccefullySendedFiles() to get successfuly sended files with their response from server (like: server_reponse_for_sucessful_upload = sucess_file_list[filename])

For details about method's arguments and return values see api's documentation