DataGrid module for the HPU WMS. provides the display of entities and relations in an accessible and extensible overview.

This package's canonical repository appears to be gone and the package has been frozen as a result.

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Helps you select and display the data of an Doctrine Entity in a customizable and extensible DataGrid table.

The goal is to prevent duplication of code between pages or even projects by re-using one simple solution for displaying data.

Rather then using doctrine's lazy / eager loading to get association data this module builds its own set of Doctrine queries. This gives us more control on the quantity of queries we shoot against our datasource (e.g. the mysql database) while doctrine still does all the heavy lifting of joining and generating the actual SQL.

Supported features

  • Lets users pick the columns/fields they want to see
    • Supports associations (Please note that the configured entity must contain information about the association to work)
    • You can hide columns/fields in the configuration array
  • Pagination
  • Filtering (configurable permanent where-clauses)
  • Simple Searching (user can add simple filters)
  • Turning features on/off in the view helper


Please take a look at the [installation docs](docs/1. Installation.md).

Feature roadmap

The following features are not yet supported by the module:

  • publishing this in packagist
  • Rebuild the view helper
  • Add a beter way to configure your entity configuration / multi table support on a page
  • Frontend styling
  • Many-To-Many associations where the joinTable holds data as well (a pivot table)
  • Entities which consists of a multi column primary key
  • Advanced filtering (an interface for the user to drag/drop their own search filters)
  • More testing Unit tests & Integration tests