Make screnshots of webpages with phantomjs

0.1.7 2017-12-27 12:08 UTC

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Take website's screenshots with PHP/PhantomJS and save them to PNG, JPG or PDF.

Also you can take a look at simple microservice with lumen and this package - hotrush/Webshotter-microservice.


0.1.6 - added waitForImages() and imagesLoadingTimeout

0.1.5 - custom $templatePath fixed, thanks to mizansyed

0.1.3 - added timeout property that allow to limit page load timeout (using onResourceTimeout phantomjs feature). If timeout reached TimeoutException will be thrown.


composer require hotrush/webshotter

Laravel installation

After installing package via composer add a service provider to your config/app.php

// app/config/app.php

'providers' => [


$webshot = new hotrush\Webshotter\Webshot();
$jpg = $webshot
    ->setTimeout(5) // set timeout in seconds, 30 seconds default
    ->setFullPage(true) // set to true to get full page screenshot (width/height will be used for viewport only)
    ->waitForImages() // wait when all images will load
    ->setImagesLoadingTimeout() // images loading timeout, will failt if not loaded
    ->saveToPng('github', $path);

You can use saveToJpg, saveToPng or saveToPdf methods. This methods requires 2 parameters: file name (without extension) and target directory to save file. They all returns full path to saved file

If you want to use you own PhantomJs executable - you can specify path to it via constructor.

new hotrush\Webshotter\Webshot('/path/to/phantomjs');

Example screenshot:



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.