Dead Code Identification Toolbox

1.3.2 2020-04-08 13:03 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-11-18 02:30:09 UTC


Welcome to the Dead Code identification toolset, this toolset can be used together with the dead files plugin for Eclipse and the treemap visualization.


Please add a config.yml file in the root directory with the following contents:

  dsn: mysql:host=servernamehere;dbname=databasenamehere
  username: usernamehere
  password: passwordhere

You can also put this information in ~/.deadrc for user based configuration or in /etc/dead.conf for systemwide configuration.

Run make to build dead.phar. dead.phar can be installed by running make install. Then the systemwide command dead will be available.

You have to add a table includes to the database databasenamehere. These names are not required but then you have to configure them or pass them as a commandline parameter. If you want to monitor multiple applications, use the application name instead of include.

The create query is:

CREATE TABLE `includes` (
 `function` varchar(700) NOT NULL,
 `count` bigint(20) NOT NULL,
 `first_hit` timestamp NULL default NULL,
 `last_hit` timestamp NULL default NULL on update CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,
 `added_at` timestamp NULL default NULL,
 `deleted_at` timestamp NULL default NULL,
 `changed_at` timestamp NULL default NULL,
 PRIMARY KEY  (`function`)

To let PHP add data to the measuring a file has to be added to the server (note: this is server wide, do not polute your application with this file).

append.php (or your own name)

// push all data to the browser

$db = mysql_connect('servernamehere','usernamehere','passwordhere'); 

$files = implode('\',\'',get_included_files()); 

$query = "UPDATE aurora SET count = count + 1, first_hit = if( first_hit IS NULL, NOW(), first_hit)  WHERE file IN ('$files')"; 

Then the php.ini for the server has to be changed to let php execute this code always after each request. If you have a sperate php.ini for CLI also change that file if you want CLI use of your application in the measurements.



... lots of directives ...

; Automatically add files after PHP document.

If you have any questions or need guidance using the toolset feel free to contact me using