Integrate Facebook Tracking Pixel in Contao

2.2.0 2024-01-22 15:34 UTC


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Contao Extension: hofff.com - Facebook Pixel Plugin

contao-facebook-pixel is a Contao extension to integrate the Facebook Tracking Pixel.


Set facebook pixel id in root page under facebook pixel settings and activate checkbox. The facebook pixel code will be automatically add to template in head section.

for opt out link

  • use content element or
  • use module or
  • use insert tag {{fbPixel::privacyLink}}

set insert tag text like {{fbPixel::privacyLink::Hier Cookie setzen Text einfügen::Hier Cookie löschen Text einfügen}}


  • min. Contao version: 4.4, < 5.0
  • PHP >= 7.1


There are no dependencies to other extensions, that have to be installed.