Provides a table of contents for elements based on one or more articles within the page.

2.0.4 2024-03-20 14:16 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-07-20 15:09:30 UTC


This extension provides a table of contents for elements based on one or more articles within the page.

This extension was previously published as ce_navigation and maintained by Tristan Lins.

Although the extension is based on ce-navigation, it is not backwards compatible. Configurations must be renewed.


  • Contao: ^4.9
  • PHP: ^7.1 || ^8.0


  • Create a content element "Table of contents" and define the source
  • Active option "Include in table of contents" for each content element

Now you get an content navigation for each element marked as included and having a headline.

You can define the source for the table of content structure depending where the content element is included:

  • Article: Column, Specific article or parent element (current article)
  • News: Parent element (news)
  • Event: Parent element (event)
  • FAQ: Parent element (FAQ entry)


If your 3rd party module also works like the news or events module (category defining a jumpTo page and an entry holding content elements), you can enable support for your own module by adding it to the hofff_contao_content_navigation.jump_to_relations parameter.

Known limitations

Only content elements of the direct source are recognized. Including articles or modules are not supported right now. That means, you cannot define a table of contents element in an article and building a content navigation for a news entry included by a news reader module.