Auto BE login for TYPO3

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This extension will allow you to login to the TYPO3 backend without providing username and password manually. This may be quite usefull during development and may save a lot of time.


Installation can be done via the TYPO3 extension manager or by using composer. As auto login will only work in development mode use --dev option for composer installation.

composer require hmmh/be-auto-login --dev


Access restrictions

For security reasons auto login will only be possible if your TYPO3 system is running in development application context, see TYPO3 API reference for a general explanation.

Additionally you can restrict auto login to a certain pool of IP addresses by modifying the the setting White list with ip addresses in the extension configuration. An IP address pool can be specified by a comma separated list of single IP addresses and IP ranges (defined by using "*" as wildcard character).

value description
* Any IP address. This is the default value One specific IP address, Two specific IP addresses
192.168.0.* A range of IP addresses from to
192.168.0.*,, Mixture of single IP addresses and IP ranges

How to auto login?

In order to use auto login you need the username of a valid TYPO3 backend user account. This username will be used to login using one of the following methods.

By .env file

If you always want to use the same user name for auto login you can simply define it in a .env file which has to be stored in your document root or in a folder above it.

Example .env file:


By Cookie

If you need a bit more flexibility you can specify the user name by setting a cookie in your browser. You can do this by using the developer tools of the browser of your choice by using the built in developer console (often opened by pressing F12). Set the cookie name to TYPO3_AUTOLOGIN_USER and store the username as cookie value.

By GET parameter

The user name can be specified via GET parameter. To choose a user name for auto login you simply open your TYPO3 backend using (substitute with your domain name).