Skeleton for a console application with DI-container and yaml-config

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Skeleton for a console application, including:

Getting started

This will create a new project with the skeleton for a console application:

composer create-project hmazter/console-skeleton the-new-app-name
cd the-new-app-name

The skeleton can then be executed with:


Building distributable phar

A phar-file that can be distributed can be built with:

composer build

This will output the phar-file in the project root, named <project-directory-name>.phar.

Running with docker

Build the app with:

docker-compose build

And run the app with docker with this command:

docker-compose run console ./app


Tests can be run with:

composer test

Static Code analyse

Code can be static analysed with PHPStan:

composer analyse

Continue building

Go ahead and:

  • Edit/replace command in src/Commad/ExampleCommand
  • Add more commands in src/Command
  • Add additional classed that you need in src/
  • Edit/replace the test in tests/Command/ExampleCommandTest