Adding additional functions to Laravel authentication and supports social login management

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A collection of useful traits to make Laravel 5.1 authentication system more flexible.

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Laravel 5.1 already has a cute authentication system. However, user can make it more beautiful by some traits in this package:

  • Allow user to log in by username, email or both
  • Allow user to set their password before creating a new account with Social service providers (facebook, google, ...)
  • Allow user to set their username before creating a new account with Social service providers (facebook, google, ...)
  • More configurable options for redirecting paths
  • Full test suite


First, you have to require this package via composer

composer require "hieu-le/taki"

Now, register the service provider by adding this line into your providers array inside the config/app.php file:


Register an alias by adding this line into your aliases array inside the config/app.php file:

'Taki' => HieuLe\Taki\TakiFacade::class,

If you use traditional RDBMS, this package is shipped with a built in migration file for the users table, please remove the Laravel's one at database/migrations/xxxx_xx_xx_xxxxxx_create_user_table.php and run this command

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="HieuLe\Taki\TakiServiceProvider"

Edit the new migration file and run php artisan migrate when you're ready.


This package helps you by implementing some methods in your authentication controller. This is the list of them, you have to create the others by yourself (most of them is just GET method which simply returns a view).

method responsibility
postLogin Handle the login request
postRegister Handle the registration request
getActivate Handle the account activation request
getOauth Handle the request when user click the li
getOauthCallback Handle the returned data from third-party social network
postOauthComplete Handle the registration request after some information is retrieved from OAuth 2 authentication
getLogout Handle the logout request

For password recovery and password reset, the built in trait of Laravel is good enough to me. Therefore, I do not create any modification to it at least in the first release of this package.

Now, use the HieuLe\Taki\Traits\TakiTrait in your authentication controller, register routes and implement views.


When running the vendor:publish command above, a new file named taki.php is created in your config folder. If you want to modify any option of this package, edit this file.

option description values default
taki.username.required Is the username field required when registering new account? boolean false
taki.username.validator The validation rule of the username field` string `required
taki.login_by Which field is used when authenticating user. email, username, both email
taki.confirm_after_created Do users need to confirm their email after creating account? if the emails do not need to verified, users will be logged in right after being registered. boolean false
taki.field.username The name of username field string username
taki.field.email The name of email field string email
taki.field.both The name of the input field when accepting both username and email in log in process string login
taki.social.password_required Do users need to provide password before creating account with social network credentials? boolean false
taki.social.username_required Do users need to provide username before creating account with social network credentials? boolean false
taki.emails.activate The view name of account activation email. If its value is an array, the first element is the HTML view name, the second element is the text view name. array string
taki.emails.activate_subject The subject of the account activation email string Your account need activating
taki.validator.create The validator rules when creating new user array view in file

Controller properties and methods


Taki looks at some properties in your controller and allows you to customize its behavior via these properties:

property responsibility default
loginPath The path user is redirected to when login failed /auth/login
redirectAfterLogout The path user is redirected to after being logged out /
postRegisterRedirect The path user is redirected to after a success registration /home
oauthCompletedPath The path user is redirected to after authenticated in social service, this path will display another form to allow user to supply their username and/or password /oauth/complete
activatedView The view name of user activation page auth.activate


Implementing this methods allows you to gain more control over your authentication flow:

method executed at
authenticated($request, $user) After user is logged in and before the redirect response is returned
userRegistered($request, $user) After user's account is created
userActivated After user's account is activated


This package is release under the MIT license, feel free to use it in your work.