A copy of nanoid in PHP

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A tiny (179 bytes), secure URL-friendly unique string ID generator for JavaScript

Safe. It uses cryptographically strong random APIs and guarantees a proper distribution of symbols.

Small. Only 179 bytes (minified and gzipped). No dependencies. It uses Size Limit to control size.

Compact. It uses more symbols than UUID (A-Za-z0-9_-) and has the same number of unique options in just 21 symbols instead of 36.

Thanks awesome ai and his nanoid, this package is a copy in PHP! If you like nanoid and you want to use it in PHP, try me :D


Via Composer

composer require hidehalo/nanoid-php



The main module uses URL-friendly symbols (A-Za-z0-9_-) and returns an ID with 21 characters (to have the same collisions probability as UUID v4).

use Hidehalo\Nanoid\Client;
use Hidehalo\Nanoid\GeneratorInterface;

$client = new Client();

# default random generator
echo $client->generateId($size = 21);
# more safer random generator
echo $client->generateId($size = 21, $mode = Client::MODE_DYNAMIC);

Custom Alphabet or Length

echo $client->formattedId($alphabet = '0123456789abcdefg', $size = 21);

Alphabet must contain 256 symbols or less. Otherwise, the generator will not be secure.

Custom Random Bytes Generator

# PS: anonymous class is new feature when PHP_VERSION >= 7.0
echo $client->formattedId($alphabet = '0123456789abcdefg', $size = 21,
new class implements GeneratorInterface {
     * @inheritDoc
    public function random($size)
        //TODO: implemenation ...

random callback must accept the array size and return an array with random numbers.

If you want to use the same URL-friendly symbols with format, you can get default alphabet from the url module:

Please see CoreInterface::random(...) for the core random API prototype and notes


Please see Examples for more information on detailed usage.

Change log

Please see CHANGELOG for more information on what has changed recently.


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Please see CONTRIBUTING and CODE_OF_CONDUCT for details.


If you have any issues, just feel free and open it in this repository, thx!



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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