Framework for specifying and enforcing rules on key/value pairs

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Framework for specifying and enforcing rules on key/value pairs

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Using Composer:

    "require": {
        "hgg/parameter-validator": "dev-master"

Use Cases

Url Query String Parameters

A framework like Symfony 2 provides the Request object from which one can obtain the query string parameters either one by one

$param = $request->query->get('name-of-parameter');

or all at once

$params = $request->query->all();

This is really convenient but the validation of these parameters is still left to the developer and becomes really tedious. You still have to ensure that all required parameters are present and that the values for them are of the correct type, etc.

This framework allows the definition of rules for the parameters and can even validate the values for these parameters.

Example - Url Query String Parameter Validation in Symfony 2



namespace HGG\ParameterValidator\Test;

use HGG\ParameterValidator\Parameter\NumberParameter;
use HGG\ParameterValidator\ParameterDefinition;
use HGG\ParameterValidator\Input;

class SomeApiMethod
    protected $def;

    public function __construct()
        $this->def = new ParameterDefinition();
                new NumberParameter(
                    'This is a required numeric parameter',
                    'Some more details could go here'

    public function execute($parameters)
        $input = new Input($parameters, $this->def);

        $validatedParameters = $input->getParameters();

        // Do some work here and create a result

        return $result;



class SomeController
    public function someAction()
        $method = new SomeApiMethod();

        return $method->execute($this->getRequest()->query->all());