Yii2 validator that adds incremental index to attribute values to make them unique.

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This validator solves value collisions for unique model attributes by adding incremental index to repeating values. E.g. title will become title-1 if item with title already exists.

Such behavior may be useful for tasks like generating URLs and so on.


Install validator with Composer:

composer require --prefer-dist "herroffizier/yii2-attribute-index-validator:@stable"


Add validator to your model's rules array before required and unique validators (if any).

use herroffizier\yii2aiv\AttributeIndexValidator;


public function rules()
    return [
        [['attribute'], AttributeIndexValidator::className()],
        [['attribute'], 'required'],
        [['attribute'], 'unique'],

Validator has a few options to customize its behavior.

  • separator sets separator between original value and index. Default separator is -.
  • startIndex defines start index. Default value is 1.
  • filter defines additional filter to be applied to query used to check attribute uniqueness. May be either a string, an array or an anonymous function. In case of string or array filter value will be passed to \yii\web\ActiveQueryInterface::andWhere() method. In case of anonymous function its signature must be function($query) and instance of \yii\web\ActiveQueryInterface will be passed to it. Default value is null.