a simple (perhaps too simple) PHP cURL utiltiy built to aid in connecting to an API

dev-master 2014-07-17 12:57 UTC

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Gooseberry is a simple utility to make http calls. It's designed to be used for easily accessing simple APIs.


You're best bet is to check the tests/examples to see usage, as I'm awful at documentation.


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Note the absense of v1.0

	"require" : {
		"henderjon/gooseberry": "dev-master"


See LICENSE.md for the BSD-3-Clause license.


I'd like to implement a way for users to add various auth methods either by trait or by lambda. This would allow Gooseberry's use with APIs that use more complex authentication.

Right now there is no recovery from error (either cURL or HTTP). This is by design, however there are APIs that are simply so unreliable that having a retry loop or a sleep() call wouldn't hurt. I need to make some decisions in this regard.

I think file uploads, while not necessary for my purposes, would be useful--but that would end up being ALOT of code for something I don't do very often. See example.

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