Index wordpress site content to algolia.

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1.8.1 2020-06-25 09:47 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-04-30 07:51:42 UTC


Manages algolia index (with ms-support and mixed indexes). This is intended to be used by delvelopers. This plugin provide the following set of features:

  • Replaces algolia search on the front-end with algolia.
  • Index all public searchable posts on post update or creation.
  • WpCLI jobs to bulk index all posts on the site.
  • Support mixed indices (multiple wordpress sites in the same index).
  • Large record splitting (content field).
  • Implements "needs update" check before querying algolia, to save costly updates. The functionality is not implemented on split records.


  1. Install with: "composer require helsingborg-stad/algolia-index"
  2. Run composer install inside the plugin.
  3. Add required definitions of constants.
  4. Run wp-cli job "wp algolia-index build"


  • define('ALGOLIAINDEX_PUBLIC_API_KEY', 'INDEX'); - OPTIONAL, Required by js searchpage addon


  • AlgoliaIndex/ShouldIndex: Add more rules to the should index function (removal not possible).
  • AlgoliaIndex/Record: What data to send to algolia.
  • AlgoliaIndex/Compare: What fields to compare to determine if a post has been updated.
  • AlgoliaIndex/SearchableAttributes: What attriubutes in record to be searchable.
  • AlgoliaIndex/GeneratedIndexName: Filter for the autogenerated index name.
  • AlgoliaIndex/RecordToLarge: Turn off record to large repoting by returning false. To disable record splitting. Only compatbile with business plans, not reccommended!.
  • AlgoliaIndex/IndexablePostTypes: What posttypes to index.
  • AlgoliaIndex/HitsPerPage: Number of hits per page.
  • AlgoliaIndex/AttributesToSnippet: What attributes to snippet.
  • AlgoliaIndex/SnippetEllipsisText: Suffix for snippet.
  • AlgoliaIndex/BackendSearchActive: Send false to disable backend search.
  • AlgoliaIndex/IndexablePostStatuses: What post statuses to allow for index.


  • AlgoliaIndex/IndexPostId: Trigger reindex on a post id.
  • AlgoliaIndex/SendSettings: Send settings.


  • wp algolia-index build: Index all pages/posts on site.

WP CLI Arguments

  • To clear index* before build, add flag --clearindex=true.
  • To send required search configuration before build, add flag --settings=true.


wp site list --field=url --public=1 --archived=0 --deleted=0 --allow-root | xargs -n1 -I % wp algolia-index build --settings=true --url=% --allow-root

  • This action is not fully compatible with multiple sites in one shared index! Sites that share the same index will be cleared but not reindexed.