phpDocumentor template that generates Markdown documentation of the public API

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Last update: 2024-05-25 17:32:33 UTC


phpDocumentor template that generates Markdown documentation of only the public API. It will skip all abstract classes and non-public methods.

The main use-case for this template is to generate simple and nice looking usage documentation, that can then be published on GitHub.

For example, a small library can document it's public API in DocBlock comments, use this template to generate the Markdown documentation and then commit it to GitHub with the library to easily create a nice looking documentation for other developers to see.

Example of documentation generated with this template: https://github.com/cvuorinen/raspicam-php/tree/master/docs


Install with composer:

composer require cvuorinen/phpdoc-markdown-public


Run phpDocumentor and set template as vendor/cvuorinen/phpdoc-markdown-public/data/templates/markdown-public.

Example using command-line arguments:

./vendor/bin/phpdoc --directory=src/ --target=docs/ --template="vendor/cvuorinen/phpdoc-markdown-public/data/templates/markdown-public" --title="My Project Documentation"

More information about the available arguments can be found at running phpDocumentor.

Example using configuration file:

Add a file called phpdoc.xml with the following content to the root of your project and invoke the phpdoc command without arguments. Modify the configuration to suit your project.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    <title>My Project Documentation</title>
        <template name="vendor/cvuorinen/phpdoc-markdown-public/data/templates/markdown-public" />

More information about configuring phpDocumentor.