Adds tabs content elements to contao.

0.5.0 2020-08-03 09:57 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-01-03 11:06:36 UTC


This Bundle brings Bootstrap 4 Tabs to Contao.


  • add 3 new Content Element: Start, Seperator, Stop
  • option to store last open tab in session (sessionStorage)
  • migration command for migration from contao-legacy/fry_accessible_tabs or heimrichhannot/contao-bootstrapper tabs
  • Encore Bundle support




A note before install: this bundle does not come with bootstrap styles.

  1. Install with composer:

    composer require heimrichhannot/contao-tab-control-bundle
  2. Update Database

  3. If you use Encore Bundle, run symfony command encore:prepare and yarn encore [dev|prod] (you don't need to active the entry manual if you use encore bundle version >= 1.3)

  4. If you don't use Encore bundle and have bootstrap already included, you may want to unset $GLOBALS['TL_JAVASCRIPT']['huh_contao-tab-control-bundle_bootstrap-tabs'] to don't have bootstrap tab.js and util.js included twice.


This bundle brings three new content elements. To setup a tab section, choose the tab start element. For each new tab add an tab seperator element within the tab start and tab end element. The tab names are set in the tab start and the tab seperator elements.


huh:tabcontrol:migrate: Provide migration from contao-legacy/fry_accessible_tabs, heimrichhannot/contao-bootstrapper tabs and older bundle versions. See huh:tabcontrol:migrate --help for options.

Use with other frontend frameworks

To use this bundle with other frameworks than bootstrap 4, you need to unset the frontend assets (with encore bundle just add and disable entry in your root page, without encore bundle use for example generatePage hook to unset $GLOBALS['TL_JAVASCRIPT']['huh_contao-tab-control-bundle_bootstrap-tabs']). Afterward you can override the ce_tabcontrol templates to correspond to your frontend framework syntax.