Project bundle


This bundle offers the archive based handling of media library products of different type and their download items. The download items can be generated automatically.


  • organize your media (images, videos, ...) as products in archives if a fully fledged shop system would be too much
  • predefined media library content types image, video, file
  • in case of image products, images sizes for the creation of downloads according to the downloads can be specified
  • manually add download items for products
  • configurable dca field palettes for products
  • add additional fields differently for each product archive
  • Form Type integration
  • Encore Bundle integration
  • optional: codefog/tags-bundle integration for tagging products (activate in product archive)
  • optional: heimrichhannot/contao-categories-bundle integration for categorizing products (activate in product archive)



Install via composer

composer require heimrichhannot/contao-media-library-bundle

Update database


  1. Create a media library archive and set configurations for its content.
  2. Create a product in the archive. Download items will be automatically generated on submit if not permitted manually.
  3. Optional: manually add download items



  # If true, the filenames of the generated product downloads will be sanitized.
  sanitize_download_filenames: false

Edit and Delete product

You can add edit and delete support for your media library products by setting the corresponding option in the archive settings. You also need to adjust the member (group) settings accordingly.

Edit and delete links will automatically be added to the template data of reader bundle templates, if the member has the corresponding permissions. The variable names are editLink and deleteLink.