Project bundle


This bundle offers the archive based handling of media library products of different type and their download items. The download items can be generated automatically.


  • organize your media (images, videos, ...) as products in archives if a fully fledged shop system would be too much
  • predefined media library content types image, video, file
  • in case of image products, images sizes for the creation of downloads according to the downloads can be specified
  • manually add download items for products
  • configurable dca field palettes for products
  • add additional fields differently for each product archive
  • optional: codefog/tags-bundle integration for tagging products (activate in product archive)
  • optional: heimrichhannot/contao-categories-bundle integration for categorizing products (activate in product archive)



Install via composer

composer require heimrichhannot/contao-media-library-bundle

Update database


  1. Create a media library archive and set configurations for its content.
  2. Create a product in the archive. Download items will be automatically generated on submit if not permitted manually.
  3. Optional: manually add download items



  # If true, the filenames of the generated product downloads will be sanitized.
  sanitize_download_filenames: false

Installation with frontend assets using webpack

If you want to add the frontend assets (JS & CSS) to your project using webpack, please add foxy/foxy to the depndencies of your project's composer.json and add the following to its config section:

"foxy": {
  "manager": "yarn",
  "manager-version": "^1.5.0"

Using this, foxy will automatically add the needed yarn packages to your project's node_modules folder.

If you want to specify which frontend assets to use on a per page level, you can use heimrichhannot/contao-encore-bundle.