Add stock management to Isotope eCommerce Contao extension.

0.1.1 2023-12-18 08:08 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-18 08:50:08 UTC


Oh no, another isotope stock bundle? Yes, but this is just the stock management part of isotope_plus, istope-bundle and isotope-exstension. It is a standalone bundle, so you can just migrate from the old extensions to this one if you only need the stock part. Or maybe this make it easier to migrate to another bundle. Or you need a stock management extension and you like this one. Your choice :)

This bundle add stock management to Isotope eCommerce Contao CMS extension.


  • add a stock management to Isoptope eCommerce
    • set stock (and optional initial stock) on products
    • evaluate stock on order process
  • set max order size per product
  • stock report frontend module
  • twig filter



  1. Install via composer or contao manager:

    composer require heimrichhannot/contao-isotope-stock-bundle
  2. Update your database.


To activate stock management, the initial stock field or the max order size feature, just activate these attributes in your product type configuration.

Stock report frontend module

The stock report frontend module shows all products with stock management and their stock.


Twig filter

The twig filter stock_attribute can be used to check if a product uses a stock attribute.

{% if product|stock_attribute('initialStock') %}
    {{ (roduct.stock / product.initialStock * 100)|round }}%
{% endif %}