Contao module that adds credit support for images.

3.5.1 2020-01-17 08:55 UTC



Please note that this module is abandoned and not developed any further.


Contao module that adds credit support for images and files.


composer require heimrichhannot/contao-filecredits

Disable command scheduler (poor-mans-cron)

For performance reasons, we insist on disabling the "Command-Scheduler" (enable tl_settings.disableCron) and run the cron jobs by a dedicated cronjob within your servers crontab.

  • Contao 4: * * * * * wget -O /dev/null -q https://[DOMAIN-NAME]/_contao/cron --no-check-certificate
  • Contao 3: * * * * * wget -O /dev/null -q https://[DOMAIN-NAME]/system/cron/cron.php --no-check-certificate

Use custom cron job (contao 4)

0 3 * * * /path/to/contao/vendor/heimrichhannot/contao-filecredits/bin/indexer # every day at 03:00 

Use custom cron job (contao 3)

0 3 * * * /path/to/contao/composer/vendor/heimrichhannot/contao-filecredits/bin/indexer # every day at 03:00 

Filecredits 3.x

Filecredits 3 yields an huge performance due to credit index within cron job only. Filecredits makes usage of executeResize Hook, which is triggered every time an image is resized. If you use responsive images this Hook will be triggered not only once, but for every src-set provided. Filecredit 2.x invoked the hook within every client request, which braked down your website performance, based on number of images per page. Filecredit 3 now triggers a daily poor mans cron, or you can declare your own cron job within crontab, see Installation.

Filecredits 2.x

Filecredits 2.x is a complete redevelopment. If you attached your custom modules to filecredits 1.x, we would not recommend to upgrade.


  • Copyrights can be added directly at the file within the contao file manager
  • Page occurrences for images will be added automatically, on rebuild search index, or when the page with the image will be loaded
  • A backend module is available to add custom filecredits with multiple page occurrences.
  • A copyright field can be added to any DCA as a shortcut to add copyrights directly to a file without having to go to the file manager

Technical instructions

Adding a copyright field to a non-tl_files-DCA

If you want to get a shortcut copyright field next to e.g. some image field you can do this by calling the following code e.g. in your DCA:

\HeimrichHannot\FileCredit\FileCredit::addCopyrightFieldToDca(<the DCA's table name>, <the name of the copyright field to be created>, <the name of the linked file field which copyright is being synced>);

// example:
\HeimrichHannot\FileCredit\FileCredit::addCopyrightFieldToDca('tl_news', 'detailsCopyright', 'detailsSingleSRC');