Generator for HaziCms.

v1.0.3 2015-05-18 23:22 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-05-29 18:24:37 UTC


  1. Add this package to your composer.json:

     "require": {
         "pingpong/generators": "2.0.*@dev",
         "pingpong/modules": "2.0.x-dev",
         "hazicms/generator": "1.0.x"
  2. Run composer update

     composer update
  3. Add the ServiceProviders to the providers array in config/app.php.


    Also for convenience, add these facades in alias array in config/app.php.

     'Module'=> 'Pingpong\Modules\Facades\Module',
     'Form' => 'Collective\Html\FormFacade',
     'Html' => 'Collective\Html\HtmlFacade',
     'Flash' => 'Laracasts\Flash\Flash',
     'Image' => 'Intervention\Image\Facades\Image'
  4. Publish config files for generators, modules and images:

     php artisan vendor:publish --provider="HaziCms\Generator\Generator\GeneratorServiceProvider"
     php artisan vendor:publish
     php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Intervention\Image\ImageServiceProviderLaravel5"
  5. Modify modules.php file to your needs.On Cms, change 'namespace' => 'HaziCms\Modules', and 'modules' => app_path('Modules').

  6. Modify generator.php file to your needs.

  7. Add ADMIN-LTE dashboard template: cd public && bower update && cd ..

  8. Add bower dependencies (at least CKEditor): cd vendor/hazicms/generator/ && bower update && cd ..

  9. Fire artisan command to generate module with model.

     php artisan hazicms:generator ModuleName ModelName


     php artisan hazicms:generator Network Project
     php artisan hazicms:generator Blog Post
  10. Enter the fields with options

    fieldName:fieldType[,htmlAtribute1 ,htmlAtribute2]:[fieldData]:[defaultOption]


    Select: group:select,'id' => 'mySelect', 'class' => 'red':['admin' => 'admin','user' => 'user']:user
    Select (data from model): role_id:select,'id' => 'mySelect', 'class' => 'red'  //to run well, need the fathers model created. Role for this example
    Text: title:text,'size' => 255
    Hidden: user_id:hidden,'id'=> 'user_id' // if the name ends with '_id', we suppose that the value is the model id. // Else value is null
    Float: price:float,'min' => 1, 'max' => 10
    Textarea: body:textarea,'placeholder' => 'Body content' (make ```bower install``` inside generator folder)
    Radiobutton: sex:radio,'id' => 'sex', 'class' => 'red':['male' => 'ale','female' => 'fem']:fem
    Checkbutton: data:check,'id' => 'data', 'class' => 'red':['clean_the_room' => 'clean','go_to_your_home' => 'home']:home (*)
    Number: assistance:number,'id' => 'assistance', 'class' => 'red'
    Date: birthday:date,'id' => 'date', 'class' => 'red' (make ```bower install``` inside generator folder)

    There are some basic field examples on field_example_data file.

(*) Need to uncomment 3 lines on the modules controller to run. Laravelcollective/form has a bug with checkboxes. Until this been solved, this trick is needed! :-( If you see "preg_replace(): Parameter mismatch, pattern is a string while replacement is an array" error, you need to read the last sentece. :-)

  1. (optional) If you want, you can add auth middleware to module routes. Route::group(['prefix' => 'admin', 'middleware' => 'auth') ...

  2. Go to http://domain.com/admin/[Plural's ModelName] :)

Use ROXY fileman[0] as a filebrowser for CKEditor

  1. Download fileman for PHP, unzip on public folder and give permissions.

  2. Add on: /public/theme/ckeditor/config.js

     var roxyFileman = '/fileman/index.html';
     config.filebrowserBrowseUrl = roxyFileman;
     config.filebrowserImageBrowseUrl = roxyFileman+'?type=image';
     config.removeDialogTabs = 'link:upload;image:upload';
  3. On public/fileman/conf.json change INTEGRATION to "ckeditor".

[0] http://www.roxyfileman.com/CKEditor-file-browser

Use outsite of HaziCms namespace

  1. php artisan app:name your_namespace.

  2. Set on config/generator.php file, namespace variable to your_namespace.


This module generator is created by Aitor Ibañez.

This package is based on laravel-api-generator.

Bugs & Forks are welcomed :)