Hauer-Heinrich - Extends sys_file_reference video/media. Added attributes to select in content element (eg textmedia) like: muted, loop, controls, previewImage and so on.

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0.1.63 2021-02-09 12:44 UTC


hh_video_extender is a TYPO3 extension. Extends sys_file_reference video/media. Added attributes to select in content element (eg textmedia) e.g.: muted, loop, controls, previewImage and so on.

Extends TYPO3 core videorenderer with properties like:

  • for vimeo and youtube: defer loading (uses javascript to load video resource after page load)
  • for youtube: loop, controls, relatedVideos, autoplay
  • for internal videos webp, mp4 and so on: loop, muted, preload, controls


... like any other TYPO3 extension extensions.typo3.org


  • added default html5 video attributes to enable at the TYPO3 backend
  • no changes in FLUID required
  • automatically add TypoScript, can be disabled in the extension configuration (BE). Then you can choose it from template-modul = static-templates.
  • previewImage / poster-image can be set in the backend directly in the content-element
  • defaultPreviewImage can be set too as fallback (constants-editor)
  • you can overwrite the previewImage witch is set at the content-element (constants-editor)
  • you can output the preview image always as additonal img-tag instead of poster-attribute (constants-editor)
  • determines whether in the same directory as the mp4 video synonymous webm or ogg / ogv / ogm videos are with the same name, if so they are added as source


  • move preview-image to a css background solution


  • currently nothing


  • Vimeo is not tested!
  • If you have problems with autoplay video on IE/EDGE then try to set "options.preload" to "auto".
  • poster attribute only works if preload is set to 'none', but you have the option to set the preview image as img-tag: see features

example picture from backend

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